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Firms harness content creation for major growth


Accounting firms are thriving with content creation, but with so many social strategies available, how do the marketing teams at Accounting Excellence firms maximise their efforts?

10th Jun 2024
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In a world where we consume so much content in our day-to-day, marketers are having to find new ways to make their brand stand out.

Accounting firms have seemingly endless platforms on which to have their voices heard in 2024. Be it a quick reel on Instagram, a TikTok tapping into the latest trends or a properly produced long-form video on LinkedIn, there’s avenues aplenty and the role of marketing in growing a practice cannot be overstated.

Last year, Linford Grey was named In-house Marketing Team of the Year at the Accounting Excellence awards. The recognition at this year’s event - which is taking place on 8 October at The Roundhouse in London - is for Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Ahead of the entry deadline on 14 June, AccountingWEB has looked at the trends of last year’s Accounting Excellence finalists and has done a deep dive into the importance of content creation in client onboarding and the strategies that do the job.

Long-term strategy

Linford Grey’s strategy focuses on producing high-quality content about the technology it uses, as well as how the practice is run and how it adds value.

Its content is a long-term strategy, with its social media outreach actively searching and reaching out directly to business owners looking for accountants online.

As of 2023, the firm has started investing in paid social posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and has also seen a difference in the type of clients it’s attracting - those being larger, well-established businesses.

Linford Grey noted that it wouldn’t have signed such clients if it had sat back and waited for them.

Revenue stream

The marketing team at Raffingers has adopted a multi-channel marketing strategy approach, covering a wide variety of content, including blogs, videos, helpsheets and podcasts being posted across social media and utilised at both its own events and while exhibiting.

Much like Linford Grey, part of the push behind content creation is increasing brand awareness, alongside securing long-lasting connections and fuelling commercial growth.

Marketing has also become its own revenue stream at Raffingers, with its in-house agency Raffingers Marketing working with clients to help them improve profits and increase revenue. It has so far yielded “incredible financial results”.

However, the firm has also stressed the importance of being able to harness AI as it continues to emerge – thus adding another string to its bow – with Linford Grey echoing the sentiment, albeit wanting to keep the human touch element of the profession.

New approach

Last year, Accounts and Legal was taking a very modern-day approach to its marketing efforts, with LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram all yielding a major return on investment.

The content was designed to draw people in through funny, tongue-in-cheek posts, and then convert them into clients when they see more technical posts that show the firm knows its stuff.

It’s one of several avenues of investment utilised by Accounts and Legal, with the firm having launched a new website and rebrand to reflect its tone of voice. Its use of social media is considered vital and proving to be a success, so much so that it was having to hire quick enough to keep up with the new work coming in.

However, Ben Smith, head of content at Accounts and Legal, told AccountingWEB that the firm has switched its marketing focus more to SEO in the past year, which has been more lucrative.

“We’re still keeping a focus on LinkedIn , which we get a lot of work through,” he said. “However we’ve found we can be a lot more targeted with SEO. This has meant we can really push other areas of the business and choose which areas to focus on, as we know if we put x amount of time into x topic, we’ll eventually get leads in that area through the content we push.

“Social media leads, however, although generally chunkier, are a bit more sporadic, both in frequency and in terms of the service they’re after. So, we still keep a regular ticking over of the personal branding stuff but the really targeted stuff comes from onsite content.”

National brand

TaxAssist Accountants has adopted a more shop-front approach, with the focus being on enhancing and promoting an already national brand quite literally across its shop fronts and offices.

There’s still online activity too, such as website traffic rising year-on-year, webinars, SEO and Google Ads campaigns, and the likes of TikTok being thoroughly researched. But the firm has stressed that its shops act as a permanent advert, so potential clients already have a familiarity with the brand.

In turn, this makes conversions and referrals a simpler process.


Whatever the method - and therein lies the beauty, that it’s not a one size fits all market - content clearly plays an important role in client onboarding.

The interesting observation now will be how this changes over the months and years ahead, especially with concerns already being raised about the impact AI may or may not have.

Either way, marketing teams will continue to be an important cog in these well-oiled machines.

The 2024 Accounting Excellence Awards are now open for entries. If your marketing campaign was best in class, enter the awards and you could be lifting a trophy.

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