Former KPMG partner quits crime agency role

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Rachael Power
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Former KPMG UK head of fraud Jeremy Outen has quit his new role at the National Crime Agency (NCA) before he even took up the post.

Outen was due to start as director of the economic crime command at the new body, which launches this autumn.

The NCA will replace the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and is part of the government's...

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By query
21st Aug 2013 10:31

surely a joke?!

that displays a serious lack of integrity

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24th Aug 2013 13:12

Why we don't get the best people to take up public positions

The FT reported that it was possibly the potential examination of complex tax arrangements used by the KPMG partnership which deterred Mr. Outen from taking up the post. There is no suggestion that KPMG does anything wrong with its tax.  Of-course no one can be certain, apart from Mr Outen himself, why he did not take up the post.It could be another reason entirely.

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By query
21st Aug 2013 16:39

now the NCA have been screwed over

it's a serious lack of due diligence

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23rd Aug 2013 15:58

Name change?

what again wasn't it previously NCIS?

there has got to have been a cock[***] up somewhere

prompting the name change and re-branding

Is crime no longer serious or organised.

After many years of study have they now discovered it is a joke and disorganised?

Is this really what they waste their time doing? Invent a new name and a colouring competition for the badge?

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