How poetry can revolutionise your firm

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“It takes a real poet of Wall Street to see what is essentially a stranger to stranger business as peer to peer (lending)

This was written by Gary Silverman in this weekend's Financial Times, where he is illustrating the growth of crowdfunding, explains David Adams, a poet and accountant.

When you take the words from the masterful American poet Robert Frost, who said that “poetry takes life by the throat”, it is clear this can be true in business as well. Poetry can play a significant part in both business change and business growth.

This topic - poetry in business - has, I hope a much more noble intent - (Although nothing about peers being nobles).

We've all heard about “thinking outside of the box” and “thinking differently”, but how many business leaders reading this would ever dream of using poetry as a catalyst for change?

Several exercises, utilising the power of words, have been developed by business owners and key executives to enable huge breakthroughs in their companies.

Several poets have attempted to pen words that strike to the heart of business growth. This is by experiencing a breakthrough or, as one delegate with his memories of his schooldays put it “I hated every minute, but it's changed my life!”

More business owners are attending workshops about using poetry for the benefit of their business. Within these workshops they are led through a series of exercises which aim at resulting in a change of attitude not just towards poetry itself but more significantly to a change in people’s personal attitude to the way they actually run their businesses.

Is this believable that poetry can revolutionise a business? After all, poetry for most is dumped on us when we're at school and told to “learn it,” and is usually incomprehensible to the average schoolchild. For those at the top of their business game they need to have their eyes opened to the amazing possibilities that poetry and the use of its words and emotions can bring.


David Adams is a poet, accountant and a Vistage chair and coach.

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    18th Dec 2014 15:33

    Using poetry in writing business

    Our well-known

    VIP Essay Service receives a lot of orders from our customers connected with

    poetry. The French poet Paul Valery once defined poetry as "the unique intersection of language and state of mind." I think poetry will be important for society and writing business as long as humans have language and states of mind.


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    21st Dec 2014 18:36

    Here's my poem!

    Only a jerk - tweets at work

    They call that kind of jerk a twerk

    Social media's biggest sin 

    Is selling products on Linked In

    If you want a  really nasty look

    Befriend your colleague on Facebook


    And as for  blogging - poetry

    Is awkward as my readers see

    The thing annoying them the most

    Is rubbish rhyming on this post




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