Institute bans disgraced fraudster

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The ICAEW has excluded convicted charity fraudster George Gray from its membership after he was sent down last year for stealing more than £250,000.

Appearing in the latest ICAEW Disciplinary Orders and Regulatory Decisions, the tribunal of the Disciplinary Committee concluded that “This is, self-evidently, conduct which the ICAEW cannot tolerate from its members…exclusion is the only appropriate penalty for such serious professional misconduct.”

The tribunal made the decision to exclude the Cricklewood accountant after having heard a formal complaint on 7 June 2011.

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    10th Aug 2011 07:24


    I have been subjected for 3 and a half years of low wages, £1000 per year for 3000 hours work, and having to draw tax credits and council tax benefit and I ended up being struck off, paying fines, taking death threats, getting no help from the police and having to divert money from my ex director to pay for the clients he now has. I now face at least 18 months in jail and my assets(liabilities) confiscated. Makes you want to leave this country because it is all washed up.

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