Irish man offered hitman €10k to kill accountant

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An Irish man who offered an undercover hitman €10,000 (£8,600) to kill an accountant has been arrested and detained for questioning.

The unnamed man is reportedly connected to a high-profile political Irish family and wanted a revenue official, fraud squad detective and accountant dead.

He was arrested by Irish police in Cork after he approached someone to enquire about hitmen.

The man then reportedly met with a police officer disguised as a hitman and he was arrested and questioned for conspiring to murder.

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01st Mar 2013 13:59


Only £8,600 for an accountant!

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to DMGbus
01st Mar 2013 15:08

Value pricing?

Euan MacLennan wrote:

Only £8,600 for an accountant!

Hmmm, perhaps he wasn't that good, or bad...?

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01st Mar 2013 15:54

Maybe I should be more careful

I have been contacted a couple of times by hitmen saying if I pay them they will call off the hit, maybe I should do so...

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02nd Mar 2013 12:23

In the interests of fairness

Since all members of the "Regulated Sector" are now unpaid government snitches by virtue of the money laundering reports that need to be sent to SOCA under various circumstances (neither  necessarily relating to money or laundering), I'm surprised this hasn't happened in the UK.


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By SteveOH
02nd Mar 2013 16:56

What does a hitman look like????

"The man then reportedly met with a police officer disguised as a hitman"

Was he dressed in a large overcoat, carrying a violin case?

Thanks (1)
to Justin Bryant
04th Mar 2013 15:09

Agent 47

SteveOH wrote:

"The man then reportedly met with a police officer disguised as a hitman"

Was he dressed in a large overcoat, carrying a violin case?


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02nd Mar 2013 22:44

Occupational hazard

I would think that anyone involved in the criminal justice system has a marginally higher than normal risk of being the victim of some sort of violent attack.  But probably a much greater 'risk' of winner the lottery.

As it happens I have just had an email from Michelle Obama saying that her husband wants to send me US $50,000,000 but apparently he needs $200 from me first.  I think that must be because of the freeze on US Government spending from 1 March.  I am planning to retire as soon as I cash Barack's check, so I won't have to worry about anything any more.


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03rd Mar 2013 15:38

Why pay ?

I would have thought he could have got the revenue officer bumped off for free. There must be plenty of accountants who would leap at the chance :)


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04th Mar 2013 14:59

Given the corrupt nature...

...of much of the Republic's "systems", I would have thought a bribe would be more likely than a hitman. Given that time and again people are arrested in such stings operated by the Police, it should surely have dawned on people that apart from closed criminal Mafias....that hitmen don't really exist. A seconds thought should surely be enough to realise that it would be impossible to operate such a "business". 

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By pembo
04th Mar 2013 15:24


or maybe would look like this well known wannaby chartered accountant and onetime hotel owner being terrorised by a psychotic hitman known as "Otto".

I think we should be told...



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05th Mar 2013 15:48

Surprised at you David!

Occupational hazard  @davidwinch No my lad you won't have to worry about your retirement where you're going having just admitted to an intention to washing funds you suspect as illgotten through the banking system! At least you won't have any IHT problem after that POCA case headed your way!

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