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A family reunion is taking AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk to the United States for the next few days. There's nothing to say before he goes, but this blog will be somewhere for him to report back with random thoughts and short reports. If you've got any queries about the profession in north America - or even just an update on the baseball playoffs, post a comment here.

About John Stokdyk

John Stokdyk is the global editor of AccountingWEB UK and


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By Flash Gordon
13th Oct 2011 14:18

See a game while you're there

To hell with baseball, get yourself to an NFL game!

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13th Oct 2011 17:29

Across the pond queries

Here are my areas for John:

US it is said is few years ahead of UK. What's new to come to for UK small practitioners that US small practitioners are currently using.To what extent have US small practitioners embraced social media?Have they manage to sort out a reasonably priced online practice management software for small practitioners? If so can it be imported in UK? Even it is not online, anything decent would be great.What issues face massive US sole small practitioners? Do they have to play a tax police role?Reading the response on my systemisation AA thread it appears that UK small practitioners are not into or cannot be bothered with systemising. How are US small practitioners on this subject? If they have done this, how did they manage?In US do small practitioners have to be qualified? Or is like the UK - free for all regadless of ability and no protection for the client? This is likey to vary between States?

You should not have asked John!


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By Flash Gordon
13th Oct 2011 17:31

More questions

Is there any inside gossip on whether Gil Grissom will return to CSI?!

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13th Oct 2011 20:00


You know how to make me laugh. Thanks

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