KPMG launches VAT software

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KPMG has released VAT/GST software to help banks and companies with large property portfolios calculate partial VAT exemptions more quickly.

With tax authorities increasingly focused on indirect tax compliance and additional regulatory burdens being placed on partly exempt taxpayers, more time and effort is required to evidence the accuracy and completeness of the numbers in the partial exemption calculations and subsequent VAT/GST (Goods and Services Tax) return, KPMG said.

The software calculates...

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14th Aug 2013 12:04

Partial exemption software
I hope it can be adapted to ease the headache brought about by partial exemption in public benefit entities. A tall order though, given the amount of human judgement required in categorising supplies and transactions.

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16th Aug 2013 10:47

KPMG contact information

If you would like some further information, then please contact us directly - email - [email protected]

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