Male accountants threatened by women, says study

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Nine out of 10 male accountants believe they have been adversely affected by attempts to create a more favourable working environment for women, new research reveals.

Recruitment specialists Careers in Audit found that many men working in the profession claimed that women were being promoted even if they do not deserve it. The resentment ran high despite 76% of male accountants backing the view that a 'glass ceiling' still exists which prevents women from progressing.

The reason for the glass ceiling, the study said, is more to do with the need for women to achieve a work-life balance than discrimination in the workplace. Two-thirds of all those surveyed gave the impossibility of raising a family as the main reason so few women make it to a partner in accounting firms.

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27th Feb 2007 13:01

Says who?
I joined a national firm in 1978 and have worked in various national, regional and local practices. I'll admit few have female managers and my current firm is the first to have appointed a female partner. However I never felt women were being promoted unfairly or just to meet some sort of feminist quota.

I just don't believe this is an issue in most practices.

One wonders who was surveyed here - maybe it was just the ultra-PC big four?

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13th Feb 2007 22:44

Think about it

The first paragraph is plainly nonsense. Ask any qualified statistician if you think otherwise.

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By Anonymous
14th Feb 2007 16:21

Why is it nonsense Fred?
Whilst I may not necessarily agree, I wonder how the first sentence can be statistically nonsense?

I'm generally curious.

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