Mazars shows support for Bloody Scotland

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Top 10 accountancy firm Mazars has moved into the underworld of Scottish crime literature as the sponsor of Bloody Scotland, a crime-writing festival to be held in Stirling on 14-16 September.

But what would prompt such an august firm Mazars to embrace a genre known for its violent urges, depressing settings and lashings of Scotland’s national spirit?

“Interesting question,” said Edinburgh-based managing partner Peter Jibson. “Business sponsorship is usual black tie dinners and awards, but we wanted to raise our profile in Scotland, and one of our staff member's wives is a crime writer.

“So when we heard about it early on, the opportunity was blindingly obvious. It’s one of the most popular literary genres, and part of the Scotland brand, so it should have its own festival. Bloody Scotland gave us an opportunity to get in at an early stage of something that will have lasting significance and potentially attract international attention.”


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26th May 2012 13:53

You had me worried there

The headline looked like it might be a story to do with Emperor Eck and his anti-England crusade!

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