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Bobby Lane

Meet AccountingWEB Live Expo speakers: Bobby Lane


In our latest Q&A, we talk to Factotum’s Bobby Lane about the session he’s hosting at AccountingWEB Live Expo plus what he’s missed about live events.

26th Oct 2021
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Bobby Lane is a chartered accountant with over 25 years' experience in professional practice and is the CEO at the multi disciplined outsourcing platform Factotum

Before taking the reigns at the specialist firm, Lane was a partner Shelley Stock Hunter and subsequently Blick Rothenberg after it was acquired. 

At AccountingWEB Live Expo on 1-2 December Lane will be speaking at the fintech in 2022 panel with AccountingWEB contributors Bill Mew and Dave Sellick. With apps and automation becoming part of the normal, accounting’s finest futuregazers look at the solutions available to you today plus their predictions for the future. The session will explore how accountants can get to grips with these new, predictive trends in fintech.  

Ahead of the 'Tomorrow's technology today' on day one of the event  at 2.30pm, Lane talks to AccountingWEB about what he's looking forward to at the Coventry-based expo. 

Register now for AccountingWEB Live Expo and attend Bobby Lane's talk on fintech in 2022

What have you missed about live events?

The ability to engage with an audience and meet people! 

Whilst digital conferences were necessary over the last 18 months the benefit of actually being in a room was sadly missing. It is the chance conversations or encounters that make all the difference when visiting a live event.

I still believe that the best way to build a relationship is face to face.

Which stands and /booths will you be visiting first at AccountingWEB Live Expo and why? 

The new technology providers! I always love to see what is new, what is coming and what people are doing.

What AccountingWEB Live Expo sessions are you looking forward to attending? What speakers do you want to see?

The sessions that are focussing on business development and innovation in the sector to see how business models have evolved since the pandemic.

You're on a panel talking about why and what fintech is relevant to accountants in 2022. Tell us about something about what you'll be discussing.

We will be looking at what businesses and practices should be thinking about next year to remain competitive and offer the right services delivered in the right way. How can technology allow businesses and practices to focus on what they do best and automate processing?

Lockdown meant we all skipped a buying season. What are you shopping for at AccountingWEB Live Expo?

New technology that can reduce the administrative burden and increase the amount of advisory time that the clients get for their fees.

MTD is a big topic for pretty much every AccountingWEB Live Expo theatre. What do you think accounting needs to be better prepared for MTD in 2022?

It is all about preparation, administration and making sure you don’t bury your head in the sand. I saw many firms that were caught out during the initial phases by leaving everything until the last minute. Understanding the changes and making sure you are equipped to deal with them is critical.

We will be announcing the shortlists for our Software Awards on the evening of Day One. Which vendor would win your own personal software award and why?

Flagship Reporting! It’s reporting platform that does everything a reporting platform should!

HMRC will be in attendance at AccountingWEB Live Expo. What one question will you be asking them?

What do you think HMRC could have done better during the pandemic?

What do you think will be the buzzword of AccountingWEB Live Expo?

App stack!

Finally, why should someone attend a panel with you on it?

Because it has been far too long since we have all been together in a room and I will probably be completely overexcited!


Bobby Lane will be speaking at AccountingWEB Live Expo on 1-2 December 2021 alongside such guests as Rebecca Benneyworth, Peter Rayney, Paul Aplin, Anita Monteith, Carl Reader, Steve Collings, Reza Hooda plus representatives from HMRC. ​

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