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My take on outsourcing – from the IRIS CEO

21st Jul 2008
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As the CEO of IRIS Resourcing, I have followed the recent Great Debate on outsourcing, and read the various contributions from fellow members, with a keen interest. I would like to take this opportunity to offer the following observations WITHOUT making a pitch on behalf of our company.

We must be very careful to conduct this debate without emotion and analyse carefully the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing and how it can affect a practice. As a business that has multiple clients in multi year cycles with us, we feel we must be doing something right as these practices would not have renewed their commitment to outsource if they felt that this was not the right thing for them both on a quality and cost basis.

In my opinion, any discussion about outsourcing that is conducted with cost savin...

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Replies (2)

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By David2e
25th Jul 2008 05:02

Not just about savings
I'd have to agree with everything here. Too many times I hear people referring to the benefit of outsourcing (offshore) as cost savings and little else. It really does surprise me for all the reasons Sharanbir has outlined. Outsourcing enables growth, and there are many that can provide this at very high standards.

There are plenty of practices that find it difficult to get good staff, and then to keep them. These practices often struggle to develop due to this.

Understandably not everything can be outsourced, nor should be. Needing a local team that can deal with clients on that personal level is invaluable - but when considering expanding with the expectation of more clients, this local team can often be better utilised to handle those more local needs, develop closer working relationships with clients, attend meetings and improve the general service provided. There becomes less of a need, and value in the local team performing regular processing tasks, report preparations and so on in the office when this can be outsourced.

It is for this reason I see practices being able to not only grow by using outsourcing, but actually offer a better service to the clients by focussing on this with their local team - and using the outsourced service provider to handle the often more mundane tasks which are done in the office with little direct client contact.

David Toohey
The Accountants Circle

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By sbrijnath
22nd Jul 2008 15:48

Dear Sir,

The Group CEO of IRIS is Martin Leuw. I am responsible for IRIS Resourcing and as such, my title pertains to the latter company.

Sharanbir Brijnath

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