New Year, new you?

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So the Mayans' apocalyptic prophecy failed to come true and 2013 really is just around the corner. What are you going to do differently in the New Year?

With Britain facing another year of austerity, it's hard to predict what changes the economy will go through.

New Year resolutions are a deep-rooted tradition, but promises and oaths made at the beginning of each year frequently turn to dust by May.

But, could 2013 really be the 'definitive' one for you - are you finally going to stick to your personal and professional lists? 

The most popular resolutions are usually "shed a few pounds", "save some cash" or "quit smoking/drinking", but are you going to do things any differently this New Year?

AccountingWEB has already been buzzing with suggestions, from our bloggers to the Any Answers forum. 

For members, resolutions appear to be a solid mix of the personal and professional. 

George Atazzder's maintained his AccountingWEB-famous wit, as he quipped "A revolution in the New Year sounds like a good idea to me."

Perhaps he's not far wrong. Many of you are looking to revolutionise yourselves. 

"2013 will hopefully bring more exam passes," said mrme89, "and in turn more responsibilities at work." 

The same member also wanted to battle shyness and self-consciousness, and use the phone more when people are around. 

Many of you also had sporting-related wishes. 3569787's hopes for the New Year included England "thrashing the Aussies" at cricket and Sarah Douglas, who "loves sport" wants to become a games maker for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. 

Popular AcccountingWEB blogger FirstTab wrote a blog about his hopes and resolutions for the year ahead.

"Dear Santa," he began. "Talking of presents, I want to make sure you only give me what I need." 

Losing excess weight, taking on profitable clients and knowing what actions lead to client expansion featured high on his list.

Coping with a demanding workload, getting a perfect practice management solution and expanding without "boring networking" were also priorities for this member in 2013. 

Why not let us know what your resolutions and hopes are for next year? Let PracticeWEB know in our sister company's online survey and you could be in with a chance of winning an iPad mini.

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31st Dec 2012 05:33


Doom and gloom predictions lie ahead................................NO think positive and be positive about the not look back you can only alter the future.






I wish you all good health and luck for 2013.




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12th Jun 2013 23:13

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014



Just really happy today.  Some may know that Glasgow 2014 had 50800 apply to be a volunteer and fill out the application.  

I got into the last 25000 so I was pretty chuffed .  I had my interview today and there was a real buzz . One of two women and the rest men.   The interview took an hour and I think I did well.  I was smartly dressed wish was lucky because so was everyone else.  Even though they told us to be casual.  I quite liked that everyone was really excited and friendly but competitive as well.

Anyway I am excited as I got interviewed for sports competition to be around the athethes and players, so hopefully I will get to see some sport and I wont be like the poor volunteer in London that got to see nothing.

Kind regards Sarah Douglas.

Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Glasgow 

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