No Accounting for Taste ep15: Video, money, and metrics

7th Jun 2018
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No accounting for taste

After last episode's Accountex field trip, No Accounting for Taste returns to the comforting warmth of AccountingWEB's Bristol HQ.
And this week's episode has it all: video marketing, the future of cash, and some nerdy metric chat. 

Enjoy the podcast, and if you’d like more information on the topics discussed here are the links:

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07th Jun 2018 21:10

Dear All,

I have a question.

A company buys a utility vehicle for its business. However the vehicle is not in the name of the company, it is in the name of the director. The company is using the vehicle for business purpose. My question is, can we treat the purchase of the vehicle as a fixed assets in the company's balance sheet? or we cannot because it is legally registered in the name of the director?

Thank you in advance.

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Replying to AVINASH007:
By turchyna582
07th Jun 2018 22:21

One thread, but a few perspectives I would have thought.
Who was the purchaser per the contract to buy the vehicle?
Who actually paid for it or gave legal consideration?
DVLA V5 document clearly states the registered person/entity is the registered Keeper and not 'necessarily' the owner.
Is the company (i.e. more employees than the director and to a significant extent) actually using the vehicle, or is it in practice actually being used (exclusively) by the director?

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Replying to AVINASH007:
By Tom Herbert
08th Jun 2018 09:28


Thanks for the comment. For this and future questions you may find you'll get more answers on our dedicated Any Answers forum - here's the link:

All the best,


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