No Accounting for Taste ep19: Startup practice, Brexit and emails

3rd Aug 2018
Practice Editor AccountingWEB
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No accounting for taste

Sole practitioner Zoe Whitman joins the AccountingWEB podcast to talk about finding her first clients, starting a practice, networking, and the latest headlines. 

With AccountingWEB's editor Tom Herbert in the podcast sin bin after his pun-tastic outburst last time, pod regulars Richard Hattersley and Francois Badenhorst were left holding the fort. However, the team drafted in a special guest to fill the vacant third seat: But the Books practice owner Zoe Whitman. 

AccountingWEB readers may be familiar with Zoe from her excellent blogs on the site, including a piece that charts the six most valuable lessons she's learned from her six employers

As we recorded the podcast Zoe was preparing to embark on taking her practice full time. She goes in-depth on the podcast about the reasons why she made the leap to full-time, how she found her first clients, the power of networking, how startup practices can use social media and much more. 

Later in the podcast, AccountingWEB's global editor John Stokdyk beams in from his Brighton HQ to give the lowdown on Xero's $70m acquisition of HubDoc.   

Show notes:

Enjoy the podcast, and if you'd like more information on the topics discussed, here are the links. 

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