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No Accounting for Taste ep28: Naughty accountants special

6th Dec 2018
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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No Accounting for Taste

The AccountingWEB team reviews this month’s disciplinary orders and asks a larger question about how accountants can manage their online reputation.

Plus, the team unpicks the Lord’s report on HMRC’s “pernicious” 2019 loan charge and asks when does a sales invoice become a valid legal document?

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This week’s podcast features two accountants who will receive the figurative coal under their Christmas tree. Two well-read stories on AccountingWEB from the past week saw a partner wrongly file a tax return and an accountant posting sexist and homophobic comments on Facebook.

News of the insulting Facebook comments also coincided with an article published this past week on social media etiquette.  

The pod squad discusses some of the important lessons from these tales, including pausing before hitting that Facebook share button.  

Joining Tom Herbert this week are practice correspondent Richard Hattersley and Sift portfolio finance director Mike Copping.

Enjoy the podcast and if you'd like more information on the topics discussed here are the links:

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Hallerud at Easter
06th Dec 2018 22:27

Given the season perhaps it should have been titled "Naughty or nice"

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