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No Accounting for Taste ep30: Have accountants called time on timesheets?

10th Jan 2019
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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No accounting for taste

The No Accounting for Taste team returns to discuss a bumper crop of stories from the past week including timesheets, whether you should submit a SARs, and digital till tampering.

Following news that KPMG will fine tardy employees who fail to submit their timesheets on time, one of the main discussion points in this week's pod is whether timesheets are a primitive anachronism of a bygone era of work or a useful way to manage staff and workload. 

But that's not the only story from the past week that got the accountancy world talking. Joining AccountingWEB editor and NAFT host Tom Herbert are editorial pod regulars Francois Badenhorst and Richard Hattersley, and later in the show, John Stokdyk beams in from downtown Brighton. 

Topics up for discussion this week include Iceland's run-in with HMRC over minimum wage violations,  EPOS systems, whether you should submit a SARS, and the fascinating story of the world's oldest person. AccountingWEB's resident accounting tech guru John Stokdyk joins the end of the pod for some small business accounts software chat.

To listen to the pod click play in the box at the top of the page.

Here are the links to stories discussed on the pod:

Don't forget, you can now contact the No Accounting for Taste team on our brand new email address at [email protected]. Please get in touch with any views or topics you'd like discussed on the show, any fan mail, or if you'd like to find out how you even join the panel for an episode. 

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