No Accounting for Taste ep43: The client service expectation gap

27th Jun 2019
Editor AccountingWEB
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No accounting for taste

This week’s podcast welcomes Ben Steele from 100% cloud firm Steele Financial into the pod studio to talk about increased client expectations in the digital age.

Host Richard Hattersley is also joined by Francois Badenhorst to look back over a week which has seen accountants and a supermarket putting on a brave face.

Francois reflects on the awkward situation Tesco found itself in when a payroll error caused hundreds of ex-employees to be overpaid and underpaid their redundancy pay, and now it wants the money back – some of it, anyway.

Then, Richard ponders why so many accountants feel like they are stuck in a rut, which of course opens up a bigger discussion about the sustainability of an increased workload and expectations from clients after an immediate response.

The team also discusses the top stories from the past seven days, which this week includes:

3) Accountant severely reprimanded over £89,000 gifts from a client

2) Landlords on the edge

1) MTD for VAT giant deferral announced

You can read the stories discussed in the by clicking on the links below.

Press the play button above or head to our soundcloud page to listen to this week's podcast.

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