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No accounting for taste

No Accounting for Taste ep44: When are accountants most productive?

11th Jul 2019
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Tax specialist Rhys Jones joins the AccountingWEB team to talk the week in tax, the most productive time of day for accountants and whether flips flops are ever appropriate in the office.

Host Richard Hattersley also welcomes editor Tom Herbert back into the pod booth to review a particularly tax-heavy news week, with the triple threat of VAT, MTD and Brexit all causing a storm on the pages of AccountingWEB.

Then, the team considers a recent survey about the most productive time of the day for accountants. But like any discussion about productivity, the conversation soon turns to the always-on culture. With crumbs hidden in office keyboards and smelly food wafting around the office, the latest victim of the always-on culture is lunch breaks.

Speaking of office etiquette, the warmish weather inspires the final discussion point: flip flops in the office. Is there ever a right time to don the Hawaiian shorts and flip flops? What will your clients say? All this and more on another exciting edition of No Accounting for Taste.

Links to the most read headlines this week and the productivity story are listed below:

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By picopa88
15th Jul 2021 04:23

Etiquette and workplace habits are something to watch out for as these also largely affect work efficiency and also reflect productivity. Of course, external influences such as the weather or the environment will also affect the productivity of thinking, especially for people who have to use a lot of brain activity like accountants.
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