Obama gets tax advice from Lindsay Lohan

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US President Barack Obama is surrounded by advisers, official and unofficial. Everyone has an opinion. But it’s doubtful he expected to be getting tax policy advice from “Mean Girl” actress, 23-year old Lindsay Lohan, reports our US sister site AccountingWEB.com.

Lohan seems to support Obama’s bid for re-election and his presidency overall, but she’s not happy with his plans to raise tax on the so-called wealthy, and she’s tweeting him to task over it.

After his speech at the recent Democratic party convention, where his nomination to run for his second term was confirmed, Obama sent out the following Twitter message:

“I’ve cut taxes for those who need it: middle-class families, small businesses.”  

Obama has been clear that he wants to raise tax on what he terms "the wealthy," while many of those who fall under his definition of wealthy argue they’re nowhere close to being rich. Lohan, includes herself among them and wants to know “What about me?”

In response to Obama’s message, Lohan tweeted back:

“@BarackObama we also need to cut them for those that are listed on Forbes as 'millionaires,' if they are not, you must consider that as well.”  

Like it or not, the public is used to celebrities using their public forums to broadcast their political views. We've also grown used to reports of big names in sports and entertainment who are paid tens of millions every year, yet unlike us regular folks, they can’t find the money to pay their tax bills, their mortgages, their child support, and other financial obligations. Lohan isn’t one of Hollywood’s richest stars, but she’ll reportedly bring in over $2 million this year from a spread in Playboy and roles in Liz and Dick and The Canyons.

Unfortunately for Lohan, she has done much to destroy her credibility since her rise to stardom.

Drug and alcohol abuse and failed stints in rehab, including one where she attacked a worker at Betty Ford Center who insisted she take a breathalyzer test when she appeared intoxicated (Lohan was sued by the worker and after fighting it, settled quietly). Then there was the jail time the court-ordered community service, and probation after the theft of a necklace from a jewellery store. Currently she’s facing the accusation that she stole $100,000 in sunglasses and watches from the home of her friend, Sam Magid.

And just weeks ago, she was banished from the Chateaux Marmont Hotel where she had lived for weeks. After running up and not paying a bill topping $46,000 – a big chunk of which was from use of the mini-fridge – she was asked by the management to leave and not return.

Heard enough? Back up to the beginning of 2012 when Lohan learned for the first time that she was delinquent in her federal taxes related to 2009 income to the tune of $94,000. Say what? Who knew celebrities have to pay federal income tax?

There's more, but the point is made. Lindsay Lohan seems to be her own biggest enemy, made worse by the lack of a good financial manager. Forbes magazine reported that in response to Lohan's tweets to Obama complaining about taxes, one PR professional advised her to delete the tweets immediately.

With Uncle Sam wanting his share, legal troubles mounting, and creditors wanting to be paid, it’s no wonder she feels beleaguered by talk of raising her taxes. Still, in this troubled economy it's doubtful that many Americans will lend her much sympathy when it comes to wanting a tax break.

So far, the President hasn’t publicly responded to her Twitter appeal for tax relief for celebrity millionaires.

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