Practice news: Bishop Fleming hires fresh faces for Bath office

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A round-up of significant executive moves, announcements and other developments from the world of practice during January 2014.


  • 25 January: Bishop Fleming hires fresh faces for Bath office
  • 25 January: New head director for Gabelle 
  • 23 January: New partner hire for Baldwins 
  • 17 January: French Duncan appoints new corporate advisory partner
  • 17 January: Baker Tilly appoints NE corporate finance head
  • 9 January: GT appoints new financial services partner
  • 7 January: UHY Hacker Young hires former BDO tax partner
  • 7 January: Burgis & Bullock acquires Kemp Taylor
  • 7 January: Crowe Clark Whitehill hires corporate recovery expert 
  • 7 January: KPMG expands tax team
  • 7 January: Menzies partner heads new business turnaround service
  • 7 January: Law firm hires former Pinsent Masons partner 
  • 7 January: Trio of promotions for Henderson Loggie
  • 6 January: East Anglian firms in merger
  • 6 January: Reading firm moves offices
  • 2 January: Menzies tax expert makes partner
  • 2 January: Deloitte appoints new North West senior partner

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03rd Jan 2014 19:29

Significant? How So? And to Whom?

I won't bore you with the news I've just taken on a part time bookkeeper. Your news is, however on a par with that.

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04th Jan 2014 13:09

actually Moonbeam

yours is far more exciting , will they have their own Aweb account also?

Thanks (3)
07th Jan 2014 08:39

Congrats to Andy

I worked with Andy while at Menzies and was, therefore, very pleased to read the news. That's not a comment on the previous comments here but just to say that Andy is an extremely competent and decent chap and thoroughly deserving of the promotion.

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17th Mar 2015 16:10


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28th Jan 2014 20:40

Paid for advertorial perhaps?

Such a shame to make me suspicious of the motives of the Powers that Be.

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29th Jan 2014 10:07

Not advertorial.

Hello Moonbeam, 

I can confirm that this is not paid for advertorial - we don't do that on Aweb. If we did, we'd definitely make sure you knew what it was. 

We run a weekly practice news update so other practitioners of similar sizes can get a feel for what their contemporaries are doing in the way of recruitment, etc, around the country. We think it's important to report about what smaller firms are doing, as well as bigger ones. 

If you've got any feedback on how we can improve or what you'd like to see more/less of, that's always very welcome. Just PM me any comments or post them in the Aweb feedback group

Best wishes,


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29th Jan 2014 10:37

Here's My Promise

I won't post anything on Aweb, or anywhere else about how big, powerful and important I am, use the words innovative, ongoing commitment, exceptional and highly prized, significant weight (unless I've overdone it at Xmas), clever, exciting opportunity etc. Apart from being yawn inducing, they tell us nothing about the people concerned and are corporate Bxxxxxx.

Most of my clients, even the intelligent academic ones, like plain English better. When did anyone use these appalling phrases in speech? Possibly even car salesmen don't use as much of this tosh as they used to. It just shows why the accountancy world is so awful on the marketing front.

I am not anti the larger firms. I am anti the meaningless drivel you've written that is only useful to the handful of people that know the individuals concerned and I bet those people ignore the corporate stuff you've written anyway.

Many of the firms you feature above may have an interesting story of their start up days, an interesting account of the particular sector they specialise in, or something else meaningful that we could read about. That information would need a bit of journalism to extract, but I would have thought that this should be no problem to Aweb, assuming there are still some journalists left in the world.

Given that Aweb is one of the only truly educational sites for accountants like me who need quite a lot of assistance think how you could grow the numbers even more by giving us useful information about these bigger practices.

Of course if you think you really do need to carry on with this sort of thing I shall make sure I don't crash into this area again. That way I will keep my blood pressure down.

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29th Jan 2014 10:47

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback Moonbeam, the editorial team will take this into account when writing future practice news updates. 

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By DMGbus
29th Jan 2014 13:45

PR release

I suppose that the Bishop Fleming "news" came, quite reasonably, from a Press Release that they or their PR consultants issued.

Some of the content is of interest to a few members of Aweb (they might be former employees / partners of the firm, competitors of the firm or the individuals named might be former work colleagues of Aweb members).

So there is some validity as a news item.

As with nearly all modern day press releases there's a positive "spin" on it along the lines of "how great are we!"     No mention of the deposed staff members and what's happened to them (forced out the door or inward demotion or inward promotion or found a better job elsewhere or retirees early or not - we are not told so left to guess on this matter).    Not unique to Bishop Fleming, not unique to the accountancy profession.   It's the modern way of marketing whether we like it or not.   Getting a Press Release published is about gaining free publicity.   Some might describe it as slick marketing.   Getting an unknown (*) firm to a national audience.  In marketing terms "getting exposure".

(*) I'd never heard of them before, not being in the Bristol / Avon area.

Thanks (2)
By mrme89
29th Jan 2014 16:53

I agree that there is some validity in these articles.


Moonbeam - you're not forced to read them. If you don't like them, don't read them. Simples!

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17th Mar 2015 16:10



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