Practice News: Littlejohn becomes PKF international UK member firm [April]

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A round-up of significant executive moves, announcements and other developments from the world of practice during April 2013.

  • 25 Apr: Littlejohn becomes PKF international UK member firm
  • 25 Apr: Former RSM Tenon chief joins HW Fisher as non-exec 
  • 24 Apr: Clive and Owen appoints new partner 
  • 19 Apr: Three new partners for MHA McIntyre Hudson
  • 19 Apr: KPMG acquires equity advice firm 
  • 17 Apr: BDO adds PKF partners to top table
  • 15 Apr: New managing partner for Scott-Moncrieff 
  • 15 Apr: Yorkshire expansion for Forrester Boyd 
  • 5 Apr: New Baker Tilly appointments 
  • 5 Apr: Four directors and a new partner for Francis Clark
  • 4 Apr: South West accountancy firms merge 
  • 2 Apr: BDO and PKF complete merger
  • 2 Apr: First female partner for Haines Watts London 

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03rd Apr 2013 13:27

BDO and PKF complete merger

Two points noted:

1. The merger finally agreed in December 2010 or should it be recorded as December 2012. The month referred to December 2010 seems very old.

2. Is GT in fiftieth or fifth position?

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03rd Apr 2013 13:56

Thanks for pointing those out - we don't know how those errors crept into the copy! Rectified now.

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to HMRCVictim
03rd Apr 2013 19:08


Please also note that with expected income fees from BDO of $400m, it will still not be able to challenge GT which currently show reported fees of $417m.

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