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Practice Talk: Barrie Kenyon from Green & Co

17th Jun 2019
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Barrie Kenyon

Joining Practice Talk this week is Barrie Kenyon, who is a partner at the 2018 Accounting Excellence Medium Firm of the Year, Green & Co.

Kenyon left university with a maths degree and the ambition to build aeroplanes. While his aeroplane dreams didn’t take off, he’s now flying high at Green & Co.

The firm picked up the Accounting Excellence Medium Firm award last year due to the range of services that not only add value but enable clients to achieve their goals. This is reflected in the firm adding 95 new clients in that year and providing more services to existing clients.

The firm also added value to clients through developing an in-house forecasting app, which has facilitated their transition to advisory services.

Green & Co’s success continues this year, with the firm bagging top five finalist positions in both the Client Service and Medium Firm categories.

Two years ago Kenyon became a partner at Green & Co. Here, he talks AccountingWEB through a typical working day at the firm.