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Practice Talk: David Winch from Bartfields Forensic Accountants

1st Jul 2019
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David Winch

Joining Practice Talk this week is a director at Sedulo/Bartfields Forensic Accountants but for AccountingWEB readers he is more known as the go-to person on all things AML and the proceeds of crime. It’s David Winch. 

David Winch uses a Poirot-like eye of deduction to untangle any case that lands on his desk, but the day in a life concept of Practice Talk did pose troublesome for the forensic accountant: “There isn’t a normal day,” he told AccountingWEB. 

It’s this unpredictability that lured Winch away from the pub, shop and farmer clients of his general practice days.  

“I thought to myself after ten years: oh gosh, for the next 30 years I'm going to be seeing these same clients and I can't stand it.” 

Beyond this Groundhog Day unease, Winch was already showing signs of his eventual forensic fate.

“I went to the far end of everything,” he said.”I went into every detail, which is great if you have the time but you can't spend a week of your year on the accounts of a small shop and then bill the guy for a week's time.”

And so, forensic accounting became Winch’s calling. He explains to AccountingWEB why he finds it much more fun than general practice as Practice Talk goes CSI: Accounting.