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Progressive Practice 2010: Winner announced

18th Aug 2010
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The battle is over – is pleased to announce the UK's most innovative practice of 2010.

Back in June AccountingWEB teamed up with CCH in search of the UK’s most innovative practice. We whittled the entrants down to just five firms who then had to convince you, the members, why they should be crowned AccountingWEB’s Progressive Practice of 2010. After a hard fought campaign and thousands of public votes, we can reveal that has claimed the title.

"We're absolutely thrilled to have been named AccountingWEB's Progressive Practice of 2010," said Elaine Clark, managing director of

"We were extremely proud to have made it to the final. We used social media extensively in our campaign for this and would like to thank all our clients and network members for supporting us."

"While the name might not be to everyone’s taste, it appeals to clients, does what it says on the tin and gives businesses starting out in the recession a low-cost accounting solution," added Clark. “We were very clear about what market we were targeting and made sure we offered a quality solution at a price that the target market could afford – and then streamlined our processes to allow us to deliver that solution."

As well as clinching the title of Progressive Practice 2010, the firm has won a full suite of practice software from CCH.

"We're really excited about receiving it and working out how we can best leverage it so we can deliver good things to our existing and new clients."


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By Dave M
18th Aug 2010 15:41

Congratulations Elaine, well campaigned.

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By Elaine Clark
18th Aug 2010 16:46

Thank you

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By Toni Hunter
20th Aug 2010 10:38


Congratulations Elaine, Glad to see my vote wasn't wasted! 

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Della Hudson FCA
By Della Hudson
20th Aug 2010 10:48


Well done,


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By Tom 7000
20th Aug 2010 10:57

Cheap accounting

Go on I thought Ill have a look at the websirte


I saw your address I went on google maps and lookked down your street on street view...nice road


Couldnt see the name of the directors of the company on the websit, just the company name ' all on the web ltd'

I thought ICAEW rules said you had to put the directors on...but maybe you arent ICAEW. Wonder if ACCA have same rules.

I guess you can charge those fees as long as you are working from your kitchen. But as you expand and get staff and you get an office you will have to double or treble why not now...

Good luck...but dont lose your shirt, the clients wont appreciate it





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By Elaine Clark
20th Aug 2010 10:57

thank you


Thank you Della & Toni.Every vote counted and it was lovely to get so much support. 
 A big thank you to all those who did vote for us. It means a lot.

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By peterlashmar
20th Aug 2010 10:58

Progressive accountants award

Congratulations to have achieved what you wanted - always most pleasing.

Not what we spend our time doing but you are free to do so if you wish.

Good luck in now making some money from your new clients.





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By Elaine Clark
20th Aug 2010 11:06

feel free to call ...

Hi Tom

Thanks for the comments. 

Happy to discuss more about the CheapAccounting business model with you. Please feel free to call me or one of the Associates (all qualified accountants and members of CCAB professional bodies) at any time.

A google map just gives you the view of our registered office I would assume.


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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
20th Aug 2010 11:15

Congrats Elaine!

Congratulations Elaine, very well deserved. Of all the contestants, you have the most interesting and innovative approach.

Why some people have to be so darn miserable I don't know. I guess it wouldn't be AWeb with them though, eh?

You have a fab business model and I'm delighted to see your success.


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By Elaine Clark
20th Aug 2010 11:55

Thank you Jenni

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
20th Aug 2010 12:16

Well Done and Well Deserved !

Congratulations Elaine,

I'm looking forward to watching you and your network going from strength to strength.

Shame about the prize 'tho!

Andrew Ross BTCSoftware

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By chatman
20th Aug 2010 12:19


 Congratulations to Elaine.

AWeb - Can we have a link back to the article where the five shortlisted firms made their pitches?

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By Elaine Clark
20th Aug 2010 12:36



Thanks you Andrew and ‘Chatman’.Here is the link to the pitches:

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By timpearce
20th Aug 2010 13:25

Well done Elaine (Cheap Accounting).


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By Elaine Clark
20th Aug 2010 13:35

Thank you Tim

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By Bob Harper
24th Aug 2010 10:19

Well done


Well done and I wish you well.

I suppose the question for your competitors is are they going to respond by lowering their prices or are they going to add value and maintain higher prices? My experience is that the majority of established firms will do do neither so the market is wide open for you - now is a great time to be challenging the market because businesses are looking for ways to save money.


Marketing for Accountants

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