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Resilience in the accounting industry

Resilience has been spoken about a lot in 2020, but what does it really mean? Throughout 2021, Lianne Weaver will explore the ways you can improve your resilience both within your practice and yourself.

11th Dec 2020
Managing Director Beam Development & Training Ltd
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As we head towards the final weeks of 2020, I am sure most of us would agree that it has been one of the most challenging years we have experienced. In whatever way 2020 has impacted you personally and/or professionally, it is likely that you have experienced huge change.

A word that has frequently been used throughout the year is “resilience”, but what does that actually mean?

  • Are you resilient if you’re still standing? 
  • Are you resilient if you have days where you don’t want to get out of bed? 
  • Are you resilient if you sometimes can’t see a way forward? 
  • Are you resilient if you don’t feel like you are coping? 

Resilience is something that most of us do not consider on a daily basis – did you wake up this morning saying “I feel resilient today”? Probably not! However, when we face challenges it is something we depend upon. Many of us have gone through incredible challenges in our lifetime but still are not sure if that makes us resilient or not.

In 2021 we will guide you through a greater understanding of resilience, showing you how you can start to grow your own resources to become more resilient and teaching you ways in which you can encourage resilience in others. 

Whilst we may be optimistic that the coming year will be kinder than this one, it is sure to have its own challenges. The more we can increase our resilience, the more likely we will be able to weather any storm. 

Our first article in January will ensure you understand what resilience really means and will give you immediate tools to start to increase your own levels. We will then follow up once every month with articles designed to grow your inner resources for your resilience to improve. 

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By AnnAccountant
11th Dec 2020 19:47

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