Seven simple steps to winning new clients

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Peter Gill of the Boreas Partnership (UK) Ltd outlines his essential strategy for attracting new prospects.

The professional landscape is continuously changing, and forward-thinking firms are always reviewing their approach to sales in order to attract the type of clients and work that they want to deal with. This tried and tested formula is consultative in approach and offers a helpful roadmap for accountants who want to benchmark their approach to winning new clients.

Step one: Research

Research can take many forms: At the very least it entails a simple review of their website and downloading the prospect’s latest financial reports, but you could also conduct a far more detailed analysis of the client’s competitive landscape and their position in the ma...

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17th Jul 2009 12:41

How does that compare?
All good stuff.

A brilliant question to use towards the end of a sales meeting is...

"Tell me, how does what we have just discussed compare to what your existing accountants are doing for you?"

If you a different and better than the others, this question will get them mentally criticising the incumbent and convincing themselves that they really do need to work with you.

Steve Pipe FCA - Author of the White Paper "The Proactive Accountant" and adviser to over 200 leading UK accounting practices.

[email protected]

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