Take the leap in 2013: New guide to going solo

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AccountingWEB has published a brand new Start up in practice guide to help aspiring sole practitioners take their first steps in the year ahead.

Following the success of the inaugural guide in 2012, AccountingWEB wanted to build on that knowledge base with support from leading tax and practice organisations including IRIS, Digita, CPAA, TaxAssist, Intuit and Sage.

We were keen to find out more about the start-up experiences of those who downloaded the 2012 guide, and used their feedback to guide the direction of the new document.

We also called on AccountingWEB consultant practice editor, “boring is optional” accountant Mark Lee, to pass on further advice. Mark rose to the challenge by pointing out that technical skills are rarely sufficient, as many start-ups quickly discover.

“You also need to know how to attract clients, how to run a profitable practice and a range of other personal and business skills,” he said.

The 19-page Start up in practice guide is filled with articles, checklists and advice from leading figures in the profession such as Mark Lloydbottom, Ric Payne and Nigel Harris, among others.

Some of the topics covered in the new guide include:

  • Creating a vision statement
  • Practice finance
  • Franchising routes
  • Social media strategy
  • Websites for start-ups

So, what are you waiting for? For a fresh selection of practical tips and hands-on expert advice, download your free PDF of the 2013 guide now!

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest articles and advice on AccountingWEB’s Start up practice page, as well as discussing the highs and lows of your journey with peers in our Start up practice discussion group.

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    15th May 2013 08:22

    Thank you
    This is an excellent guide. I will read it several times.

    Even though I am no longer a start up, they are many areas in this guide that reflect my shortcomings.

    A good balance of content and sponsors interests.

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    15th May 2013 11:20

    Quality advice

    Some good solid advice which is broken down into manageable 'chunks'. This guide could certainly be used as good starting point for the elements to consider. I will be sharing this via our social media (smeebi.com)

    Thanks (2)
    16th May 2013 13:54

    Ever thought of a franchise?

    Over the last few years there has been an emergence of successful franchising opportunities, in fact there are now more than half a million people in the UK who own and operate a franchise business earning a higher income than they would otherwise achieve in employment.

    Our franchisee program is designed for ambitious, qualified accountants looking to set up their own practice with a set of tools provided by a national structure and recognised brand.

    We have just launched a new website to make it easier for Accountants to find out more. Have a look for yourself, we would love to hear from you; www.aimsaccountingfranchise.co.uk 


    AIMS Accountants for Business

    Thanks (0)
    16th May 2013 17:24

    That didn't take long

    Here we go on the franchise debate again - groan...


    '...ambitious, qualified accountants looking to set up their own practice...'

    most in that category don't need a franchise and would be better of spending the money elsewhere and utilising the huge amount of information available on this website.

    Thanks (2)
    17th May 2013 08:51




    There will always be pro's and con's for setting up a franchise. Yes, some might want to go it alone, but if they don’t want to spend their time crawling through the web for answers and coming up with their own marketing strategies, then that's where you find the franchise 'partnership' works well. We agree it is not the perfect solution for all accountants.




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    19th May 2013 18:03

    There's a chapter about franchising opportunities in the Guide



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