Tax returns with a side of indigestion!

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Our US cousins have had more experience of the last-minute annual tax return ritual, and have really added some can-do panache to the experience.

As deadline day approached yesterday (15 April), numerous organisations put on Tax Day promotions to appeal to harassed taxpayers and their advisers.

Enterprising tax practitioners were picking up freebies left, right and centre with round the clock offers from some of the US’s biggest chain stores.

They started the day with a Starbucks, where those taking in their reusable coffee mugs got them filled for free in honour of Earth Day - combined with their deepest sympathy for those still ploughing through tax receipts.

That free coffee was followed up with two free cupcake bites from Cinnabons - and when the coffee ran out, Dunkin' Donuts was happy to provide more – giving away a free doughnut with every cup.

Those suffering a sugar high settled in for lunch at McDonald’s, where participating restaurants offered free McCafes, McMuffins, or Big Macs to ailing accountants.

Not to be outdone, Taco Bell and Taco Del Mar were also offering freebies for the afflicted – with a Mexican flavour of course.

Those feeling stressed were also treated to free massages at Hydro Massage, which is running a promotion for tax advisers until 18 April.

At dinner time, there were all sorts of establishments offering gratis goodies and promotions for tax weary professionals, including Papa John’s Pizza and even Whole Foods stores in some of the southern states.

While many were suffering from acute tax fatigue by the end of the day, we’re sure many more were hit with rather serious cases of indigestion! Unfortunately the trend for tax return freebies has yet to catch on in the UK. Perhaps the time has come to alert your local chippies and curry houses to the potential benefits?



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05th Jun 2010 09:40

Re: Tax returns with...

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