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Steven Tuckwell, practice manager for Bibby Webb & Co, has provided a variety of calculators to the AccountingWEB membership. His popular Corporation Tax Calculator has now been updated. Steven tells us what these changes mean and how the calculator has been changed to highlight these.

Pre-Budget speech - "Taking account of the costs and benefits of the different options the government takes the view that removing the NCDR and zero per cent rate of corporation tax best meets its objective to better focus tax incentives for re-investment and to reduce administrative burdens on business by simplifying the corporation tax system." - Gordon Brown

This software is the original program developed after the introduction of non-corporate distribution legislation. It is es...

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By Anonymous
10th Feb 2006 17:41

There or their?
This may be a good product but I would be reluctant to buy from anyone who does not know the difference between 'there' and 'their!

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