Taxman seizes Lindsay Lohan's assets

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Robert Lovell
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Just when you think a week might pass without US actress Lindsay Lohan in the headlines, she's back, and this time not for giving tax advice to Barack Obama.

As featured in our US sister site, at the end of November, the news was good.

Friend and fellow actor Charlie Sheen gave her a cheque for US$100,000 to help clear her back tax debt.

That was the amount she owed for 2009, leaving her with unpaid taxes for 2010 of nearly US$134,000. This was a great gesture on Sheen's part and surely would satisfy the IRS at least for a while. Not so. On 3 December, the taxman seized Lohan's bank accounts for “non-payment of taxes”.

According to an article in Forbes, the IRS generally works with taxpayers if it has reason to believe it will collect, and only resorts to seizure when it suspects the agency will not get paid.

For most of us, one major problem at a time is enough. Not for Lohan. Also at the end of November, she was arrested on charges she hit someone in a New York nightclub. She's still under the microscope from a car accident last June, after police in California charged her with lying about what happened.

She's on probation from theft charges in 2011. And critics hated her recent movie, Liz & Dick, in which she played Elizabeth Taylor.

Sadly, when it comes to Lindsay Lohan and bad news, there's always more. What next?


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07th Dec 2012 16:41

seized her assets

isnt that an offence

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