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The 9am Lowdown: More HMRC job cuts

17th Oct 2014
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It's finally Friday, and it's been quick in coming around, too. While you mull over your weekend plans with a cuppa or a bacon roll, here's five of the day's stories to keep you going. 

No good news on HMRC job front 

We're sorry to start this morning off on a bad note - but 150 jobs are set to go in HMRC offices in Wales, the BBC has reported, through plans to close 14 offices across the country. 

Plans for closures have been on the cards for a while, and more than 450 jobs are under threat in total in the UK.

The PCS is set against it, but the Revenue said they would try to help those affected find a job elsewhere in the department or civil service.

* * *

Hodge strikes again

The senior Labour MP complained about taxi app Uber, saying that because its holding company based in Holland doesn't pay tax in the UK, she believes it opts out of the UK tax regime. 

As a result regulator Transport for London (TfL) has referred the app's affairs to HMRC. But the firm did defend itself, saying it pays tax in all jurisdictions. 

* * *

Mind the Gap

Of course, yesterday's controversy was the annual accountant-riling affair of HMRC's tax gap estimate.

Read more about what AccountingWEB, Baker Tilly and the ever vocal Richard Murphy have to say on the figures, here.  

* * * 

Wonga gets new CFO (poor guy?)

The loan firm has chosen Paul Miles as its new head of finance. He's currently CFO of Capquest, which is just about to be acquired, according to the Telegraph.

The current CFO, Tim Weller, will move to acting chief executive until it can find a replacement. 

* * * 

Are you one of the cool kids?

Nowadays - as is the vibe I received from the 2020 conference, it's 'cool' for accountants to have a quirky office clients enjoy coming to.

Indeed, many tech and software firms have sparked a culture of other industries copying their unusual office styles. We took a read of this BBC article this morning and have to admit, we're a little bit jealous.

So today's thought for the day is - what does your dream office look like? Leave us a picture or a comment and we'll feature the best one on Monday.  


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By JCresswellTax
17th Oct 2014 09:08

I like this new feature

Hopefully it continues :)

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By Rachael White
17th Oct 2014 09:22

Thanks JCresswell!

Really appreciate your feedback. It will continue every morning at 9am! :)

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By vinylnobbynobbs
17th Oct 2014 10:43

I Agree

I agree

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By Gem7321
17th Oct 2014 12:52

It's interesting that HMRC are making these job cuts while simultaneously advertising for graduates.

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