The retired accountant turned bodybuilder

Robert Lovell
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Sift Media publication Going Concern recently picked up a story on a retired accountant who took to bodybuilding in a serious way.

Editor Caleb Newquist reported on how Don Ohmes of O’Fallon, Missouri, was initially not comfortable with skimpy outfits, manscaping and teasing women in the crowd.

Retirement. For those of you that are thinking about it, you’ve probably discovered that your savings aren’t quite what you imagined they would be and you’re doomed to a few years of recommending power tools at the local Home Depot. Once you finally do get to retire, you’ll be confined to the shuffleboard court and the senior tee boxes at your local municipal golf course.

This is not the retirement of one Don Ohmes of O’Fallon, Missouri. While most of you think of traveling the world stuff your pieholes on cruise ships, Don is getting ripped. And not just for fun. For competition.

[Ohmes] decided at age 64 that he wanted to compete in body building. This summer he shared that dream with his personal trainer, mentioning his long-time admiration of Arnold Schwarzenegger. To Maida, his wife of 43 years, this was a revelation: Body building? Arnold Schwarzenegger? “Getting on a stage in front of people? This is not really who he is,” she says. “He is a modest person and shy. You have to get up on stage and have a brief on, or whatever it is.”

It’s a “posing outfit” Mrs. Ohmes. And her husband discovered some things about bodybuilding that he hadn’t previously considered. For example, your business casual outfits may fit nicely in a JCPenney shopping bag but that sort of storage isn’t necessary for outfits required by Don’s new hobby:

“It came in an envelope,” Don recalls, burying his face in his hands. “That’s all it was in. I thought, ‘Holy cow!’” Posing costumes are so itsy bitsy that competitors must shave their bodies.

Right. The manscaping. Don eventually got more at ease with the nuances of his new obsession but there was one thing he couldn’t quite get comfortable with:

Don had to pick a song for his one-minute posing routine. He chose “Hurts So Good,” by John Mellencamp. He practiced at home, with [his trainer] and at Gold’s gym. But there was one thing Don just couldn’t do for [her]. She wanted him to point at a woman in the audience — any woman — at the song lyric, “With a girl like you.”

“I can’t act like some 20-year-old kid, because I’m not,” Don says.

So, despite his washboard abs Don isn’t so comfortable enticing the ladies. But considering he finished second in 50 and over division, it probably cost him the title. Which is fine with Don because this isn’t about fun for him, he’s trying to inspire you aging cube-dwellers out there:

“I felt a deep sense of accomplishment,” he says. “And maybe people will think — ‘This guy is 64 and he can do it. So maybe I can do it, too.’”

Extracts were taken from the original article in St. Louis Today.



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27th Oct 2011 14:11


I am really happy for the guy, having found something he is passionate about, and I admire him for his dedication, but his body reminds me of all those muscle diagrams we had to draw in biology classes.

I hope my aging hubby sticks with his current hobbies!

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28th Oct 2011 15:17

Hey, I did it the other way around...

I used to be a bodybuilder and quit when I started accountancy. Now I'm just an overweight data monkey!


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11th Jan 2013 10:16

Hi Robert,

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