The risk of negligence claims – are you worried (yet)? By Mark Lee

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Do you sleep well? Or do you worry about your PI exposure? Over the last couple of years I have asked hundreds of accountants Does the risk of a PI claim keep you awake at night? If yes, why?

Less then 10% have a problem sleeping although some of those who answer no add caveats such as No, it should do but I sleep well!, No, but it is something I am aware of, No, but the inevitability of claims does and variations on: Not until I heard this talk anyway. Thanks Mark!

Many people assume that the only risk they run is that related to the late filing of an election (and indeed this is the most common cause of PI claims against accountants). Beyond this however are the risks related to the advice we give (or omit to provide). We may misapply the law, misunderstand it or have missed the fact th...

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By Anonymous
21st Apr 2008 10:25
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By vowlesj
19th Apr 2008 13:00

try these
Hi Annie

I have used PI Connect for a number of years - hassle free and icaew compliant policies - 01702 445550 web is


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By Anonymous
19th Apr 2008 07:36

Can anyone recommend an insurance policy for a small practitioner, no formal qualifications >100 clients mainly sole traders & a few small Ltd clients please? Needs to get some sleep!

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