UK ranked fifth among tax friendly countries

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The UK has been named the fifth most tax friendly country in KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2010 Special Report.

The report assesses the general tax competitiveness of 95 cities in 10 countries: the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the Netherlands. The analysis focuses on 41 major cities with populations greater than 2 million and compares the total tax burden faced by companies, including income tax, capital tax, sales tax, property tax, miscellaneous local business taxes, and statutory labour costs.

The biannual report compares the total tax cost between countries and cities using a Total Tax Index (TTI) score for each location, expressed as a percentage of total taxes paid by corporations in each location. A lower score is better because it means lower tax costs for businesses.

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By Anonymous
19th May 2010 16:11


I note that there are only 10 countries in this report and expect it was prepared before the news that CGT rates are likely to increase and before the 50% UK income tax rate took effect.


Nevertheless, I would be very interested to hear what Richard Lambert at the CBI thinks of this given that he is always bleating about how uncompetitive the UK tax regime is as well as to hear all the other usual suspects that crawl out from under their rocks to make similar comments. Might we as a result of this report expect all the hedge fund managers, investment bankers and other stalwarts of the CBI to up sticks and move to Mexico as they keep threatening to do because of what they regard to be the uncompetitive tax regime in the UK?


Would jump the UK right up the quality of life index if they did.


roger rabbit


Thanks (0)
20th May 2010 12:22


Whilst I agree with Roger's remarks, doesn't this demonstrate the uselessness of this kind of survey. I mean, seriously, who would want to decamp to Mexico with their drug wars, corruption etc? The French tax system might be expensive, but being based in France would certainly have its compensations!

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