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Want to be a more charismatic accountant?

16th Oct 2008
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No, AccountingWeb isn’t going to insinuate that your personality is lacking, or reinforce the lazy stereotype of the dull accountant with suggestions that you really should get out more. But we received some interesting news from one Nikki Owen this week, and after further investigation we’ve bagged what could be a very interesting opportunity for one willing volunteer.

Nikki is a Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has spent 16 years mentoring and developing senior finance professionals all over the world. In 2004 she conducted one of the largest sales research projects ever undertaken, involving 2663 organisations, to identify what were the most five common barriers to sales success. The result was an award-winning coaching kit, The Sales Activator TM, which is today being used by over 2,000 sales managers.

This year sees Nikki branch out of sales and apply her behavioural expertise to a broader canvas with the launch of a two-day seminar called An Audience with Charisma. In her own words, “it’s a cutting-edge seminar at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre designed to increase an individual's level of charisma within 48 hours and provide tangible evidence of that increase using four different assessment tools. This means that individuals working in a business environment will have stronger influencing skills that help their communication and ultimately impact on their results.”

Well, we were fascinated. Given the demands on the typical practitioner to make an impression on his or client - a client who probably only sees his accountant for an hour or two every year – there could be a real benefit here. Nikki’s recent clients have included a whole host of top FTSE customers, so she’s well-established in her field.

What we’d like is for someone to go and attend one of these courses and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t have to pay a penny (the full ticket price is £695 plus VAT, although this naturally includes lunches and refreshments). All we ask is that you come back and write about it, so we know if it worked for you or not. If you like you can report back anonymously, although who knows, after you’ve been on the seminar anonymity might be the last thing on your mind. You can get a sense of the bench-marking involved by completing the first online charisma survey here.

Any takers? Date-wise the first two-day seminar is on the 27 and 28 November (a Thursday and a Friday) and the second is on the 2 and 3 December (a Tuesday and a Wednesday). We can send a different member to each: if you’re interested or if you have any questions just email [email protected]. Don’t be shy now!

Nikki has also said that if other AccountingWeb members want to attend they can snag a 10% discount. Click here and use the following booking code - rEve4H - although it should be automatically entered for you.


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By Dave Paveley
11th Dec 2008 15:37

Any news on how this went?

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By carnmores
20th Oct 2008 15:07

love to have a go
i could go from Capt Grumpy to Capt Fanfastic over night

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