Warning over terror fight confidentiality threat. By Dan Martin

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New government measures to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering should respect the accountant-client relationship, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has warned.

During a speech on tackling the threat of extremists, chancellor Gordon Brown said accountants play a key role.

He praised the profession's support of the police, security and intelligence services highlighting specifically the role of forensic accountants which he said have identified threats, uncovered accomplices and helped to piece together command structures and supply evidence for prosecution.

But in its response to the speech, ACCA, while welcoming the government's acknowledgement of accountants' role in the fight against terrorism, warned that the profession should not simply become "conduit...

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13th Oct 2006 17:59

Public interest
"The special nature of the relationship between professional adviser and client still needs to be protected as being in the public interest, and any further obligations to report information to the government needs to incorporate due sensitivity."

Surely the "public interest" is to fight terrorism, including the sources of finance.

Which cloud does the cuckoo live on??

Jeff Lampert

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