Welsh accountants have best quality of life

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Are you an accountant in Wales? If so, lucky you. According to research, you have the best quality of life in the UK.

Research by recruitment company Marks Sattin found that accountants in Wales have the best balance between average pay, hours, commuting time and housing affordability. Accountants in the South East and North East came second and third in the good-life league table.

Accountants in Wales work the third fewest hours a week in the UK and have the shortest average commuting time, according to research based on data from the Office for National Statistics and Marks Sattin.

Although the annual earnings of accountants in Wales are just seventh highest (£33,128) in the UK, the average house is only five times the average accountant’s salary. Two-thirds of accountants in Wales say they are “very satisfied” with their current position.

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By pembo
12th Oct 2012 11:54

totally agree

Having worked in the city for 5 years and the last 30 in Cardiff an absolute no brainer unless your motivated by money and stress. Also we happen to live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth with glorious countryside and the (official) most beautiful coastal path in the world on the doorstep. Oh and the coal mines are gone and the sheep are very friendly too.

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12th Oct 2012 11:58

Sheep are very friendly, and...

Not only are the sheep in Wales very friendly, I have heard they are the prettiest in the world, too.... ..........!

Thanks (0)
By pembo
12th Oct 2012 12:32

agree again

but then after 5 or 6 pints of the wonderful world famous Brains SA most things look pretty...another reason for coming !

Thanks (0)
12th Oct 2012 14:08


I just spent 2 days playing golf at the Royal Porthcawl golf club. it rained incessantly the wind blew hard  and there wasn't a pub to be found on the coast road....


I expect its still raining there today and I am sitting in the sunshine outside having a coffee.


Best thing to come out of Wales is the M4

Thanks (0)
13th Oct 2012 09:55

Sunny Porthcawl

@ Tom 7000

You were very unlucky.  I lived in "Sunny Porthcawl" for 5 years and it lived up to its name.

Kind regards


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