What we learned at: Accountex 2018

29th May 2018
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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Accountex London 2018
Aidan Synnott

 Accountex is often billed as accountancy's version of London Fashion Week, where designers flock to show their wares to an expectant public. 

While the garments on show at the ExCeL tend to be less avant-garde, both events serve as interesting barometers on the trends shaping their respective worlds.  

Last's year's Making Tax Digital delay put a bit of a dampener on Accountex 2017, but this year the news that the VAT programme will go ahead as planned turned the dial up a notch on practice preparations and coupled with the GDPR deadline served attendees a heady legislative cocktail. Talks on both subjects were packed to the rafters.

Away from the legislative environment, several interesting trends emerged from the practice space, including outsourcing and consulting. Here's what the AccountingWEB editorial team learned at the show.

It’s all about IRIS

At times during Accountex, it seemed like the king of the desktop practice scene just couldn’t stop itself from trying to be the centre of attention. For those in practice, the most significant bit of day one news was the acquisition of Taxfiler. After failing to stem the growth of low-end, online rivals to its mid-market practice tools, IRIS did the next best thing and bought the pack leader.

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