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You know you're an accountant when...

14th May 2015
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We asked our members, for a bit of Friday fun, what the most typical things are that happen when you're an accountant. 

They came back with some very interesting answers, ranging from being left with the bill at a restaurant to being proficient in HMRC 'on hold' messages. 

Vote for your favourites below or leave your suggestions in the comments. 


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By CatherineR5
15th May 2015 11:57

Guilty as charged!

Nos. 1, 2, 3 (um), 7 and heaven-knows 8, oh yes 8!!! 


(I haven't named my calculator, but I have had it since 1982, and it is a very dear old friend)

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By exceljockey
15th May 2015 12:09

When people

at a party wince when they ask you what you do and you answer 'an accountant'  - its happened many times now. I now follow up with "well someones got to do it."

I wish I could think of a better way to explain what I do without lying and without sounding cheesy. I think people think that I am about to start networking with them when I tell them I am an accountant. 

A few times I have told people that I am an accountant at a party and they refuse to believe that I am. Its either a good thing (not a boring accountant) or a bad thing (not very professional)!



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By Briar
15th May 2015 12:13

No 4 but ...

It's more than one ... and Bordeaux!

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By Mehmet
15th May 2015 12:32

You know when your an accountant....

when your phone calls with unrecognisable numbers saying "I was referred by Mr X"

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
15th May 2015 12:33

A final farewell from Rachael Power

This was the last item posted on our site by Community Editor Rachael Power, who as she revealed a couple of weeks ago is now working her magic as deputy editor for our sister site,

Just as many AccountingWEB members have already done, we wish Rachael the very best in her new role, and look forward to see her dropping by her old stomping ground again.

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By smitheringale
15th May 2015 12:34

When people

If I had a pound for every time I let on that I'm an accountant, people said, "can you give me some good investment advice", I'd have £53.

Clearly, most of the muggles don't quite get what we do...bless!

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Simon Hurst
By Simon Hurst
15th May 2015 12:53


You buy ties featuring pictures of elephants (or so someone at a craft fair told me years ago when I bought a tie featuring pictures of elephants and she said "You're an accountant aren't you")

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By raybackler
15th May 2015 13:08

Good luck Rachel!

Hope you provide the same thought provoking or amusing articles in your new job.

Guilty of 1, 2 ,3 and 6 as charged!

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By Michael C Feltham
15th May 2015 13:11

A partner.

At Deloittes informed me after the Enron scandal, they named their shredder, Anderson!

As yet, I haven't named anything much in my office: excepting, naturally, when system problems occur, to describe all MS products as Bloody Microsoft!"



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By Brian Spence
15th May 2015 14:01

Number 8

No, I married her on 5th April so we could get MMA !! She's a tax adviser!

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By Neil Moorman
15th May 2015 14:29

You know you are an accountant when...

You always get nominated as the kitty holder on a night out, spend most of the evening at the bar trying to remember the round and out of pocket when the kitty runs out....

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By Tom 7000
15th May 2015 17:01

11. You have a poster....

which says...


I used to be an accountant until I discovered Smirnoff!

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By A mum and an accountant
15th May 2015 19:31

Farewell Rachel!
When you sit on your phone on Friday night laughing at this blog and someone asks you what's funny and you say, oh just some accounting jokes!

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By brownbuchanan
15th May 2015 21:01

How to woo them
Just explain that you used to an accountant but found it boring and that you are now an actuary.
Watch the carpet peel back ,let alone the faces!
But there will always be one who says
What's an actuary?
Your big chance now to make an impression

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By jamiea4f
15th May 2015 23:49

Written in the stars
I was destined to be an accountant being born on 5th April. The usual comment I get is that I don't "look like" an accountant, presumably due to my lack of grey suit and inability to use management speak, as portrayed excellently in Peter Kay's car share last night. I'll just ring fence that for you..

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By othornto
16th May 2015 17:36

Italian Accountants

I lived in Italy for ten years and Accountants there are basically called 'Commercialistas'

How much cooler is that?

That makes me an FCCC!

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By Yarka K
20th May 2015 05:40

I discovers white wine ...
Guilty of 4, 5, 6 & 7 I would quite name my calculator, would you?

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By A mum and an accountant
24th May 2015 00:41

I thought of another one

Being able to type all the numbers from the bank statement (or similar) without looking up from the page because you know the position of the numbers on the keypad or calculator so well. And then when you do check, the balance is correct. Such a lovely feeling!


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