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Your most shocking expense claims

6th Dec 2017
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When I recently asked AccountingWEB about their weirdest, most shocking expense claims, I got a lot more than I bargained for.

But, really, what did I expect? Our website is defined by how active (and vociferous) the community is. On this thread, in particular, AccountingWEB members delivered in spades. Dogs, sex toys and Superman fancy: it certainly put my meagre and rather dull expenses to shame.

It’s worth reading the whole thread if you fancy a good giggle. But here are the AccountingWEB editorial team’s personal highlights.

All bite and no bark

Glennzy: “I claimed for a new pair of trousers once as a farmer's dog ripped the bottom six inches of my pants on another job, (He gave me a massive pack of steak from his farm shop to say nowt about though).”

Selected reading

Andy Partridge: “In a previous life, working for a company with a very high profile chairman, one of my jobs was to check employee expense claims. The chairman's son, now infamous, worked there too and regularly claimed for a range of gentleman's magazines (a euphemism).”

The classics

Ireallyshouldknowthisbut: “Usual attempts at golf days, long weekends on alleged business trips, ordering ludicrously expensive wine (we were strict half a bottle of house plonk per head kind of a set up), electronic gadgets. That sort of a thing.”

Man of steel

Chippette: “One Superman fancy dress suit (adult size). It was claimed by a sales manager, apparently to reward the best sales person of the month.”

Family holiday

DJKL: “Some airfares to the USA for a marketing launch for golf clothing the company manufactured.  Nothing special except the tickets filed clearly showed that about six of the twelve passengers on this excursion were children. They did not do a children's range of clothing, the trip was to Florida, it took place during school holidays, the wives (also directors) went and the directors had in aggregate, by chance, six children.”

A real handful

Briar: “One client claimed a breast enhancement which his wife (and business partner) had had done. They ran a nursing home so it was in medical consultancy expenses. Me, being a sceptic, a quick Google of the clinic's name revealed what the clinic specialised in. Next time I met the wife, I admit to looking closely.”

I’m ready for my close up

The accountant: “My client (a film director) regularly claimed for his wife's hairdressing and beauty salon treatments as she had to look her best at all times.”

What the…?

Della Hudson: “We had a client selling adult toys (some of them extremely adult!). These were genuine cost of sale but there was often interesting sales literature from their suppliers accompanying the invoices.”

Home, sweet home

Della Hudson: “Oh, and of course the client who tried to put his entire new house through as it included a home office.”

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By Slim
08th Dec 2017 15:54

I kid you not, a blow up doll from a well known adult shop, apparently it was used in demonstrations and first aid.

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