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Bee Motion talks Pride: More than just a month


In celebration of Pride Month, Will Cole speaks to George Moss, practice manager at Bee Motion, about ways companies can support their diverse workforce better.

12th Jun 2023
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Pride Month, dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ community, is currently in full swing. While many individuals and organisations are showing solidarity by displaying rainbow symbols, AccountingWEB seeks to highlight firms that are not simply changing their logos, but actively making progress and bringing about meaningful change for LGBTQ+ people and the broader community.

More than a rainbow

George Moss

Bee Motion, a Stockport-based business, has successfully achieved this goal by integrating inclusivity into its foundation and culture, as George Moss (left), the practice manager, explained. “We consistently strive to create an inclusive atmosphere for both our clients and employees, actively seeking opportunities to do so,” he said.

However, Moss acknowledged that many firms view Pride Month and inclusivity targets as mere checkboxes to tick off, rather than as integral principles for their organisations. “It’s truly frustrating,” he lamented. “These companies believe they are being inclusive and supporting a diverse community, but for them, it’s just a formality. Until it becomes an organic part of firms or a genuine aspect of businesses, it will fall short.”

Expanding on his point, Moss expressed his weariness with people and organisations who fail to grasp the deeper meaning of Pride. “It’s not just about vibrant colours and fabulous events,” he said. “We must remember that homosexuality is still illegal in 64 countries. The UK only passed its first gay marriage back in 2014. That’s less than 10 years ago.”

Embedded in the culture

According to Moss, this is precisely why inclusivity holds such significance for Bee Motion. As an example of their commitment to inclusivity he recounted a work-experience hiring. “When this person initially joined us for work experience during their GCSEs, they identified as male,” he said. “Then, as they progressed through college and began expressing their true self, they returned to us as Jolene, identifying as female. Our entire team fully embraced the change without hesitation. It’s wonderful that Jolene felt comfortable enough to come forward and express herself, thanks to the supportive atmosphere at Bee Motion.”

Moss also emphasised that while supporting the LGBTQ+ community is an essential value at Bee Motion, it forms just one part of their comprehensive approach to inclusivity. “In addition to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, we also look to help people with various abilities,” he said. 

“We actively collaborate with schools in the area to ensure young people feel supported. We also provide support to a local special needs school, where we have formed alliances, fostering a sense of inclusivity and providing opportunities for everyone.”

More work to be done

Bee Motion’s steadfast commitment to inclusivity and diversity across its entire business has yielded positive outcomes. According to Moss, the firm is on a healthy upward trajectory. He stated, “Last year, we had only two full-time staff members. Now, we have a team of seven, and we continue to create new opportunities.” Moss added that due to their open and welcoming culture, Bee Motion has been able to attract exceptional talent from the job market.

“This ideology has not only influenced our clients but also helped them grow, ensuring they don’t feel alone. We are here as their business partner, ready to assist,” Moss added.

Asking why accountancy firms and others should consider getting more involved with Pride Month, Moss was candid in his reply: “Did you have an option of whether you need to eat today? Did you have an option of whether you need to use the toilet? No – it’s something that’s natural, and it’s the case when it comes to sexuality. People don’t have the option. It is instilled in them from birth; it is something that’s naturally occurred. Yet when you look at the stats I mentioned earlier, some people don’t think that, which is terrifying. That’s why we need to continue fighting,” Moss concluded.