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Supporting Pride authentically all year round | Bright | Picture of people on a Pride march

Supporting Pride authentically all year round


Much has been said against rainbow-washing in Pride month. As a business, there’s no point joining in with the celebrations unless you’re supporting people in a practical way too, says Bright’s Alex Troy. 

3rd Aug 2023
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Pride began as a protest, and it’s a time to support and uplift people in the LGBTQIA+ community, promoting their achievements while raising awareness of the ongoing issues they still face worldwide. It certainly isn’t a time to self-promote or market your business.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is hugely important to us at Bright, and if you approach it the right way, Pride month can be a great time to support and celebrate your LGBTQIA+ colleagues and clients. And importantly, it doesn’t have to be just in Pride month. Here are a few things we’d recommend.

Check your policies

Before you look at more public celebrations of Pride, it’s important to make sure inclusivity is built into your business from the inside out. 

Take a look at your policies: do they promote a safe and inclusive environment?

You should have an anti-discrimination policy in place, for instance, that specifically prohibits harassment or bullying on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Your policies should also use gender-neutral language, and take an equitable and inclusive approach. For example, make sure you’ve included same-sex partners in benefits such as parental leave, and make any dress code policies inclusive of different gender identities.

Support your staff and clients

Within your firm, and among the clients you work with, there are likely to be people in the LGBTQ+ community who would benefit from allyship and support. Establishing clear policies is one step, but fostering a culture of inclusion that runs throughout your business is another.

Education and awareness are two big parts of this. The more you and your team can learn about LGBTQ+ issues, the better you can support those people. 

You might choose to appoint a DEI champion within your organisation, for example, who can spread awareness more widely throughout the team.

You could also make resources available across the business and encourage people to boost their knowledge. We’ve recently launched an eLearning system, including a course in allyship, which is available to everyone in the Bright team. 

There are various small changes you could make within your business to make sure everyone feels welcome and treated with respect. Including pronouns in email signatures, for example, allows everyone in your team to communicate the correct way to refer to them – helping to create a more inclusive environment for trans and nonbinary people. 

“Enhancing my own knowledge by attending webinars on the DEI topic has been my goal for 2023. Raising awareness only feels authentic by ensuring we are doing the right thing and not just seen to be doing the right thing,” said Emily Paramore, HR Generalist (DEI champion at Bright).

Make a contribution – and make it year-round

Corporate support can make a big difference to organisations that work to tackle the challenges LGBTQIA+ people are facing around the world.

This month is a great opportunity to get involved and sponsor local Pride events. Vocally supporting the cause – and contributing financially if you’re able to – is far more impactful than simply updating your logo or celebrating on social media.

But make sure you’re thinking at other times of the year, too, about LGBTQ+ organisations and businesses you could work with to make a meaningful difference. 

We’ll be celebrating throughout the month of June here at Bright, but we’re also dedicated to building a positive and inclusive culture year-round. Want to find out more? Get in touch at