Accountancy firms' digital usage on the rise

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More than half of accountancy firms have gained a return on investment (ROI) in their websites, while many more - around 83% - are engaging in social media, according to a new report.

The PracticeWEB benchmarking report into online engagement in the profession was launched last week, providing a snapshot of how the internet and its wide digital landscape is affecting 268 accountancy firms.

In addition to the PracticeWEB team, analysis and insight was provided by chairman of the Tax Advice Network Mark Lee. 

“I think it’s probably fair to note that the results reflect a higher level of engagement than would have emerged from surveying a random selection of accountants around the UK,” he said.

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18th Feb 2013 16:13

Social media

There's some interesting figures there.

I think the fact that RTI has been on the horizon for the past number of months has increased the value of engaging from the accountants point of view. 

Building a good knowledge driven community on Linkedin is a good way for accountants to network, even if they don't have a website developed. It's not an ideal situation but definitely a good way to start. 



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to Moonbeam
20th Feb 2013 12:13

Couldn’t agree more – or less

Great point BrightPay about building a good knowledge driven community, but when researching and writing the report we found where firms were being the most successful they used LinkedIn and something else (usually a mixture of channels).

The profession is full of fantastic knowledge, time for us now, on mass, to start marketing and engaging with clients and prospects using it.

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