An accountant's guide to digital marketing

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Marketing and PR used to be low on the agenda for accountants, but increasing competition for work means practices are now looking for new and innovative ways to promote their services. Alex Hoye of Latitude explains the essentials of digital marketing and how accountants can use it to their competitive advantage.

One of the most persistent problems in advertising is that you just dont know what youre getting for your money, and many accountants are put off by the traditional spray-and-pray approach. Received wisdom is that bean counters and creatives come from opposite ends of the business universe, but nowadays web savvy marketers are using data analysis and modelling techniques as tools of their trade.


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29th Apr 2009 09:27

Clear & Concise.
Good post - clear and concise. Tracking or monitoring, whether you use Radian6 or any other system, is an essential part of any social media activity, as without it you will not be able to make any measurements, and therefore will not be able to calculate the return on investment.

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28th Apr 2009 03:15

Great summary post Alex. Not only does your advice talk to the accounting field but others as well. And we appreciate the Radian6 shout out as well.


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15th May 2016 18:23

This is really informative post. but let us discuss with practicle solutions. I do read lot of similar posts. Please have a look at my website and suggest me practicle solution.

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06th Jun 2016 18:46

Digital/inbound a "must have" in any marketing strategy today, plain and simple. Awesome points here- any accountant should be able to get loads of mileage out of this guide. Torchlite wrote a similar piece if you want to source more info. Check it out:

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