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Earn three times as much per client

11th May 2016
Founder and Head of Research Added Value Solutions
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This is the third in a major new series looking at the profound difference accountants are making to businesses, lives and society. It reveals how you can use the latest research to win high quality new clients and earn much higher fees.

In the first two articles we saw how 18 months of research for the book ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’ found the impact that accountants are making is extraordinary in both range and scale. We identified the key types of accountancy services that are making the biggest difference to the lives of so many people.

This article takes it to another level, by focusing on the research insights into:

  • What clients say and think about accountants who make a real difference
  • How you can use their reaction to win high quality new clients and earn much higher fees (three times as high in some cases)

What clients say

Here are a selection of quotes from the clients who took part in the research, in which they explain the impact their accountants have had:

“Before, I felt I had failed my family. Now, I have the time, money and energy to support them properly.”

Abdul Aziz – client of AA Chartered Accountants

“The impact has been profound in every single area of the business; this goes way beyond mere financial reporting.” 

Client of PH Accountancy

 “There’s a renewed sense of energy and passion now, and that’s all down to the commitment and support of our accountant.” 

Simon Barlow – client of Middel & Partners

“Having [a good accountant] is like having a business partner who I can bounce ideas off at any time. She explains all the financial data and reasoning behind her recommendations, but I am still in control of my decisions.”

Emma Savage – client of Pillow May

A quote to end all quotes

“I am no longer stressed. Why would I be? I have financial security for me and my family, a successful business, happy customers, and my dream home in the sun. What’s more, the business is run brilliantly well by my team, and the management buyout we are working towards will ensure its future. So life is fantastic. Really fantastic. And to say I am proud would be an understatement.

“We definitely wouldn’t have achieved all of that without the tireless help of our accountants. They have focused and challenged us, provided a sounding board, kept us accountable, forced us to confront the key issues, brainstormed and suggested solutions, helped us to think big, ensured we took action rather than hiding behind excuses, prevented us making mistakes, and always made sure that the numbers stacked up.

“In fact, and I never thought I would hear myself say this, but the more I think about it the more I realise it is true… my accountant has changed my life.” 

Chris Holt – client of Bartfields 

Turning it all to your advantage

The evidence is crystal clear. Accountants can make a profound difference.

And the really good news is that making a difference like this allows you to win high-quality new clients, charge much higher fees and enjoy much higher profits.

The five keys to enjoying all of those benefits are as follows:

  1. Believe in yourselves, because the evidence proves that as accountants you can make a profound difference
  2. Focus your entire practice on providing services that make more of a difference, because it is the right thing to do, will make life better for you and others, and will make the world a better place. And equip yourselves with the tools, knowledge and skills you need to communicate and deliver those services
  3. Start collecting stories about how you are making a difference.
  4. Grow your reputation, client base and team by telling others true stories about the difference you are making by doing what you do. Sharing those stories is your most powerful form of marketing.
  5. Improve your profits and wealth by pricing in a way that reflects and allows you to share in the difference you are making. Once you are providing a lot of value to clients in these ways, you will be able to charge much higher prices to reflect that much higher value.

What next?

The final article in the series will debunk the myths that prevent you taking action.

If you want further insights and proof before then, you can read another of the detailed case studies from the book. In it a Yorkshire entrepreneur explains why he gladly now spends three times more money with his accountant than he used to.


Steve Pipe is a leading researcher and author of ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’. For more inspirational insights, you can hear Steve Pipe at Accountex 2016 on 11-12 May.

Replies (2)

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
13th May 2016 09:55

Completely misleading headline - earn three times as much per client - then the article basically consists of quotes from happy clients.

Come on, stop the tabloid journalism and write some decent articles with sensible headlines.

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Steve pipe
By Steve Pipe
14th May 2016 13:13

Hi Kent Accountant

My hope with this series of four articles is that TAKEN TOGETHER they will show accountingweb readers:

► The profound difference they can make (article 1)

► The specific services they can deliver that make the greatest difference (article 2)

► The scope there is when they make a difference to earn much higher fees (sometimes three times as high) and have much happier customers (this article and the previous one – which also looked at how accoutants are being rewarded extraordinarily well)

► A simple action plan based on all of this (again, this article)

► And finally, in the next article, to expose the factors that prevent accountants making this kind of a difference and earning these kind of fees

My challenge in trying to do all this, of course, was to summarise an 18 month research project and a 250 page book in a couple of thousand words. And if I have failed to do that properly across the series of articles taken as a whole, I apologise.

By way of proper apology, would you like me to send you a copy of the book as my gift?

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