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Changes have been made to the PAYE regulations which will now allow employers to provide P60 information to employees electronically. This may be useful to those employers who now perform most payroll functions online.

The changes come into effect for the tax year 2010-11 onwards, so that the first electronic P60s can be provided at the forthcoming year end process. The deadline for providing P60 information to employees (31 May) has not changed.

Employers may wish to agree with employees in advance whether they wish to receive their P60 electronically. If the P60 is provided electronically, the employer will need to provide secure facilities for employees to view and print their P60. If this is not possible, an electronic P60 can be issued to an email address that has been provided by the employee. If employees do not have access to a computer the employer must continue to provide a paper version of the P60.

Any substitute P60s which arise from the output of an electronic P60 must carry the text ‘this is a printed copy of an eP60’. This must be at the top of the form near to the form title – P60 End of Year Certificate and in an acceptable font size, no smaller than point 10.

Duplicate P60s
Duplicate P60s for the tax year 2010-11 onwards, irrespective of whether they are provided on paper or electronically, will no longer need to carry wording to show that it is a duplicate.

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01st Mar 2011 09:56


Before we all rush off to provide e-P60s, bear in mind that these are all technically "substitute" forms and therefore need to be approved by HMRC. Unlike the plain paper P45, HMRC have not provided a template which can be used without approval.

If you use payroll software, the provider should have obtained the necessary approval but it's worthwhile asking the question if this isn't specifically stated in their documentation.


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