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Four ways to get ahead of tax season

January looks set to be busier than ever. As the tax season looms and the burden of Covid remains, accountants should get ahead of the rush as soon as possible.

14th Oct 2020
Senior Marketing Manager SmartVault
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Planning and preparation are more important this tax season than any other previously. Partly due to the unpredictability of Covid and our current situation, but also the deferral of payment deadlines and the constant stream of new business guidance from the government, which will inevitably make our January even busier than usual.

So, let’s take four things you can work on now to help you get ahead come January;

Hiring seasonal staff 

Have you thought about hiring temporary staff, not only to help with the extra workload but also to prepare you for the inevitable increase of staff absence due to COVID, mental health or stress?

These can be hired on a temporary basis, or you can partner with other companies to fill in a skills gap.


Ensure you’re getting paid a fair wage for the tax returns you complete by changing to menu pricing. Think about bringing in price rises as you get closer to the tax deadline; if someone sends you their documents in early, they benefit from a discount, whilst those that send you documents last minute are given a monetary penalty.

So when you’re working at 11pm the night before deadline, you can at least rest on the knowledge you’re earning overtime.

Keep working from home 

This means no clients visiting the office, reducing the risk of COVID being passed around to the whole team and keeping business continuity as steady as possible.

Make sure collaboration is open though, using a document management portal, such as SmartVault, to share confidential documents and implementing a simple instant messaging system, such as Skype or Cliq, will be key over tax season.


It’s important to look after your mental health and the mental health of your team during tax season. If that means taking three minutes out of your day to practise mindfulness or going on a walk through the park at lunchtime, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

To find out more on all of the above points, visit The Tax Season Solution program and join for free today. Store, send and sign your tax returns securely. Book a 15-minute demo with our UK team to find out how.