Going paperless: You can't hide forever

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You can’t hide from technology forever, argues Jon Milburn which is why, two years on from his first call for accountants to embrace the paperless approach, he’s still beating the same drum – and this time more accountants are following him.

Document management is set to become the next phase in the march of technology and should be viewed as a springboard into the paperless age.

But why firms of accountants still resist the inevitable? The vast majority of practices are used to the electronic generation of accounts, tax returns and indeed standard business correspondence. But delve into the cellars, attics and sheds of these modern-seeming practices and you will still uncover dusty filing rooms and racks upon racks of past years client files.

Although going paperless does not suit all businesses, it has made a tremendous difference to practices that have embraced document management. There may be firms that have not completely enjoyed the move, but a recent survey of our clients showed that over 93% had successfully achieved their goals in going paperless.

Going paperless is not the end, not the final solution - it is simply the next move in this technology driven business world we live in. Like it or not, we will all be using it someday soon. While the numbers using document management continue to grow, there are still plenty of practices out there who believe that it simply isn’t necessary. My advice is to at least look into what document management technology can provide.

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Jon Milburn is a senior consultant at Scan Worx.

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By Anonymous
18th Feb 2010 18:02

paperless office



i made the move last summer, i got rid of the filing cabinets , created more room in the office, made the office look more slick and was able to back all the papers up

i can now be on a beach in italy,go skiing in France and access the files remotely and from my laptop ,it was the best move i made for years on moving the business,, its great ,,,and when you want move no more worries about removal men looking shocked when you suggest you want the office set up in a day...


a great move,recommend it....

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23rd Feb 2010 11:04

Paperless office - a myth?

 Being a big proponent of the paperless office I often find myself ending up[ in heaps of paper. Why? Is it me? Maybe. But finding things on the computer is often more time consuming than referring to a paper file. Annotating is easier and with paper you can quickly put it in the "to file" tray whilst on the computer you have to file immediately, in a consistent manner (it does not allow for variations), often requires specialist filing software and if in a job getting interrupted may result in the data being "lost" before filing.

I am still a proponent of it but interestingly many of my IT associates are abandoning their PDA's and mobiles for a card and pen system. Interesting.

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