How to use video to promote your business

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Chris Barling outlines how firms can wow potential clients and win new business by using video on their company websites.

Viewing videos online is on the rise. According to ComScore, in early 2010 an amazing 5.5bn videos were watched in the UK in one month alone. The growth rate of 37% year-on-year shows no signs of slowing down. It's a true phenomenon.

The video opportunity The harder you look at the subject, the more you see reasons for using web-based video. In fact, there is an opportunity for using it at practically every touch point with both prospects and customers. Adding video to your site has some parallels with the transition from radio to television.   Video feels closer. Personality and charisma, if you've got it, is much easier to communicate. Visual effects are better at communicating complex information and they are more likely to click on a video link than read mountains of text. Modern society demands speed, simplicity and enjoyment: video ticks the boxes.   Videos are typically consumed by a younger demographic and present a great opportunity to reach that age. A video is one way, but can be played "on-demand" so anyone interested can view it at any time, pause and re-watch at will.   Done right, video will be a powerful tool for pretty much any business.

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28th Jul 2010 12:27

There are good and bad videos

There are, without doubt, good and bad videos. Choosing the right kind of supplier is crucial. You can get the "wedding video man" who does a rather shaky, disjointed affair or you can go to a professional and the difference is enormous.

There are a few good companies about but try as they are very professional.


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29th Jul 2010 14:55

Show off your assets!

Great article Chris.

Just to further expand on your recommendations.  Search Engines are incredibly sophisticated and return most types of digital assest within the organic listings - its not just about websites anymore.  Try it - for most keyword searches conducted, a lot will have images or videos returned.  But this is still under utilized and so offers an excellent SEO opportunity - conduct best practice SEO across each of these digital assets not only offers another opportunity for a search engine listing in addition to your website, with the added benefit of linking back into your core website property.

Another added benefit is the 'linkability' of such assets.  Good quality links' pointing to your website, has a significant benefit to your overall SEO activity.  As your article mentions - users love to watch these videos - 5.5bn in one month in the UK, thats not to be sniffed at!  Other sites want to be associated to good quality content and will naturally link to it.  The power of crowds - the more that link in, the more that will link in!

Collette Easton is head of the new search engine marketing division at AccountingWEB sister site, PracticeWEB.


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