LinkedIn for start-ups: Part three - Your status

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Mark Lee
Mentor and Speaker for accountants
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In his third LinkedIn article for start-ups Mark Lee explains how to use status updates; what works and what’s unlikely to do so.

This article is part of an extended series on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Future guides will look at things like endorsements, recommendations, groups, and lead generation on LinkedIn. Part 1 focused on why you would want to register on LinkedIn and how you can craft an effective profile to make it easy for people to find you. And in Part 2 I looked at connection requests.

This edition looks at status updates, the short messages that have become a common feature of so many social networking platforms and looks at the following points:

  • Who sees your status updates?
  • Status updates to avoid
  • Status updates that could work for you
  • Commenting on others’ status updates


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By Halex
14th Feb 2013 22:29

Great advice Mark.

The comments about balatant self-promotion are particularly relevant. I am far more keen to engage in discussion with the individuals who post genuinely interesting comments, and particularly those in my local area.This does generate interest in my profile too. A couple of recent discussions on transfer pricing and strategic planning allowed me to post comments that were outside the normal range of topics, i.e. tax .

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